The Love.

We love our work because it allows us to use every single tool in the world that Ali loves:  interior design, personal style, personal brand, creating things, products, information, psychology, and learning. All the elements to a killer modern, soul seeking entrepreneurial brand.

We  love soul seeking entrepreneurs because when you go to  business school and you look at the world, soul seeking entrepreneurs aren’t suppose to win.

Soul seeking entrepreneurs aren't the one who screw their clients over because they can. Soul seeking entrepreneurs aren't the ones who necessarily always make the smartest, edgiest, savvy business moves. Soul seeking entrepreneurs are there to help the audience, to get the message/ product out, and money follows second.

They are the little guys. And we love helping the little guy win!


We love that David beats Goliath.

We love that we are able to bring some of the “Goliath techniques” like neuroscience and human needs psychology into David’s world.


Soul seeking, modern entrepreneurs aren’t one hit wonders. They are not one product and only one product brands. There is meaning behind all that they do even if it seems like you jump from product to product.

The truth is that there is a thread of commonality there.


When you discover your thread, you can build a personal brand, build a multiplatform brand, build a lifestyle brand around your unbreakable thread.