Ali Craig's Soulfire™ story can be summed up as this: 

“To bring and protect beauty into this world.”


Beauty- be it a beautiful relationship, a beautiful idea, a beautiful space, a beautiful song, a beautiful experience, a beautiful garment, a beautiful moment, or simply the beauty of NOW- is rarely created and or enjoyed solo.



Here are 3 ways:

1. Join the Ali Craig Co. Design Team. 

We are always scouting out new talent to help us bring beautiful stories and experiences to life. If you are a web designer, graphic designer, interior designer- basically if you use the term “designer” send us your dets.


2. Collaborate (and don't be late).

Have an idea of how we can work together? We would love to hear it.

3. Be an Ambassador with Ali.

Work with me by sharing some beautiful product love. From jewelry and handbags to our latest collection of killer greeting cards and tees. Let’s talk about how together we can change this world, our lives, our stories, and our relationships one beautiful act at a time.