How To Know If Your Idea Is Income Worthy

In the creative age that we live in ideas are everywhere. But how do you know if your new idea will bring you the income and influence you are looking for? 

From understanding the personal to the professional, logistics to your livelihood in five days we will take your idea through the ringer leaving you clear on if your idea is one that you should truly pursue you. 

Starting on October 24th at noon est Start-Up Girls Club ( and Girl With Drive Press ( are hosting a five-day training event to help you discern if your idea will bring you the joy, income, relationships, and influence you desire plus walk you through the logistics of bringing your idea to life. 

Host, Ali Craig ( ) says, “Having a great idea isn’t the hard part. Knowing if this idea is worth the time, energy, and resources to bring it to life- that is the challenge. During our week-long training, we are going to deep dive into all of the practical and personal questions that need to be answered concerning if an idea is worth the effort.” 

Live training begins on Wednesday, October 24th with recordings going out daily. This digital event is being hosted by Entreventure Events (