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Impressions and Influence: How To Shine Online and Off

Impressions and Influence

Have you ever stopped to think about how many impressions you make a day? How many times someone sees you, a social media post, your website, article you wrote years ago, your profile on a professional organization site you are a member of or even an advertisement for an event you are speaking at?

On average a modern day professional makes about 50,000 impressions a day!

What are all of these impressions adding up to for you? New clients? Repeat business? Collaborations? Connections? Speaking events? Professional opportunities? Influencer status?

Or do you have **CRICKETS** - nada, nothing?

If it is later, let’s change that.

And if it is the former, let’s maximize, uplevel, and create a larger influence for all of the work that you are doing.

Ali Craig, Certified Master Impression Manager and founder of the International Society of Impression Management, is going to train you up in the art of making great impressions that lead to massive influence.

This free, 45 minutes digital event will cover how to know what is the real message all of your impressions are saying, practical (and easy) ways to get the most out of every impression you make, and how to create intelligent influence relationships for your personal and professional life.

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