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How To Translate Your Creativity Into Cash: A Step By Step Guide To Becoming A Creative Genius And Income Earner

Creativity Into Cash

Do the creative ideas pour out of you?

Are you not just creative, but truly a creator- someone who can from an idea alone bring beauty, transformation, inspiration, and change into this world?

You would think with such an outstanding talent the cash would just be flowing in. But it is not. Nope. Nada. Dry as the desert in a 100-year drought. All the creativity isn’t translating to cash - YET…

3x best-selling author, sought-after national media commentator, and twenty-year luxury Neuro Human Branding® veteran, Ali Craig, is going to help you change all of that. Working with countless creator style entrepreneurs - like you- throughout her career, Ali is going to share with you the process she walks her private clients through to help them package their creator genius in a way that is authentic to them and income worthy to their audiences.

This free, 45 minutes digital event will cover discovering the root of your creator brilliance, what passion drives you and your audience, and the common bond that will bring in the cash.

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