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Introverted Entrepreneur: How To Use Your Introvert Nature To Your Brand’s Success

Introverted Entrepreneur

Let’s face if you are an introvert, empath, or just a bit shy the modern entrepreneurial marketplace may have you feeling out of place. Just slow your scroll a bit and it seems like if you want to be a thriving, successful and sought-after entrepreneur you have to be showing, flashy, and have more than one hair color.

The truth is that your introvert nature is actually your secret weapon to your clients, getting the sale and growing your business.

Ali Craig, Certified Master Impression Manager and founder of the International Society of Impression Management, is going to train you up in the top 3 ways to use your natural self to your brand's advantage.

This free, 45 minutes digital event will cover asking for the sale, marketing, and how to get known both online and offline.

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