Professionals come in all shapes, sizes, expertise, and price points.

Finding the right one for you goes far beyond being able to meet the demands of your budget and delves into being able to embody, embrace, and enhance who your brand/ company really is.

In our modern day, DIY obsessed culture, we all want to be able to do everything ourselves. But when you DIY, also know that you are going it alone, you guess, guess, guess, learning curve, guess, guess, guess, having no idea if in the end any of this will really work.

Though DIY may make you feel like you are in control, the truth is you are out of control and don’t even know it.

Hiring a professional doesn’t have to mean that you surrender control of a particular project, task, or your company.

Nowadays you can hire a variety of professionals who can work with your brand and your own personal work style. Here are a few options:



Credit:        www.simpsonsworld.com   

Credit:   www.simpsonsworld.com 

Traditional consultants analyze your company, make recommendations, and leave it up to you to execute.


These consultants become more of your team within the scope of the project. They analyze, make recommendations, but they also oversee the execution.


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Coaches give advice and support you, but leave it up to you to do the work.They are there to be your sounding board, not your team member.


Credit: Miramax (Giphy.com)

Credit: Miramax (Giphy.com)

While coaches may not have personal expertise in your field, mentors have walked the walk. Mentors offer advice, resources, and warn you about “what not to do” because they have already walked the road you are on. Like coaches, mentors can be your sounding board, yet typically get more invested in the work along side of you because of their deep understanding of the field.

No matter what your personal work style is and no matter what support you and your brand are needing, there is help.

Be clear about what works best for you and what outcomes you want. When you know how you want others to support you, finding the right professional to help you get the job done becomes crystal clear.




No matter what your personal work style is and no matter what support you and your brand are needing, there is help. @thealicraig