We all have grown up with fairy tales.

These iconic stories that are passed down generation to generation. They teach us how to live, how to act, and condition us for the lives we will lead. They tell us what relationships should be like.

The problem is relationships are nothing like these stories.

Now before you go throwing away your kid’s copy of Snow White, fairy tales are more  than those bedtimes stories we read. Fairy tales are in our TV shows and movies. It is any time we put a fictitious example of life in front of our kids (and ourselves) and say “This is real. This is life.”

If our literature, cinema, theater, and television don’t show us what life is suppose to be, then what teaches us of what is to come?

Good question.

The answer: each other.

But we have stopped being honest with each other and have gone down to telling our kids (and ourselves) the politically correct, completely untrue reality, answers. Which creates young adults who need a “safe space” because a Halloween Costume offends them. (Rant diverted, I swear.)\

The question still remains, What should our relationships be like?

No matter what type of relationship we are talking about: personal, professional, or one created through our brands, all positive relationships have these traits:

  • Passion

Credit:     wmaximof.tumblr.com
  • Purpose

Credit: Chuber Channel  vimeo.com   (via giphy.com)

Credit: Chuber Channel vimeo.com (via giphy.com)

  • Selflessness

Credit:     fanpop.com   

Credit:  fanpop.com 

  • Vulnerability

Credit:     www.simpsonsworld.com   
  • Commitment

Credit:  The Grinder (via Giphy.com)

Credit: The Grinder (via Giphy.com)

  • Service

  • Compromise

Credit:  wifflegif.com

Credit: wifflegif.com

  • Sacrifice

Credit: Syfy (viagiphy.com)

Credit: Syfy (viagiphy.com)

  • Love.

Credit: Giphy Studio Originals (via giphy.com)

Credit: Giphy Studio Originals (via giphy.com)

Relationships in themselves aren’t that difficult. We just have to be willing to realize that the fairy tales were a lie and that relationships are our lives.