The idea of the personal brand is becoming more well known as celebrities model for us the power of smart (and not so smart) personal brands.

The one thing most celebrities don't show you (shocking I know that reality TV is anything, but real) is that behind all these amazing personal brands is an equally amazing, if not outstanding, personal brand management team.

Personal brand management is part psychologist, part strategist, part PR expert, part handler, and part crisis negotiator.

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Personal brand management goes beyond making sure growth and brand objectives are occurring.

Personal brand management, when done right, is a fine balance of business coach, bestie, and media beast. It is a true art form.

At the celebrity status levels there are lots of options for finding that right personal brand management team.

It is when you are starting out, growing, and just doing life that the struggle is real.

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Because personal brand management requires an objective mind, this truly becomes a team approach.

Can't hire a team?

Create a personal board of directors whose strengths lie in the areas you know are not yours or are too personal for you to see the real game at hand.

Meet with your board often, heed their wisdom, and trust your gut.

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