Nonverbal communication is how we communicate with each other without even saying a word.

Officially encompassing body language, tone of voice, eye contact, facial expressions, personal style (aka what you wear), as well as the more subtler cues such as personal space and posture.

Nonverbal communication is what we pick up on before anyone ever says a word. It is that gut instinct on if we like a person or not, if they should be trusted or feared.

Often overlooked by “logic,” nonverbal communication taps into our primitive “fight or flight” minds to help protect us from unseen dangers now (if you let it).

Credit:     teded.tumblr.com   

Credit:  teded.tumblr.com 

The studies vary, but on the highly conservative side it takes us less than 3 seconds for our minds to compute the nonverbal communication occurring.

Our minds are so quick to get the big picture, most of the time we aren’t thinking of the moment, we are planning our next move. Thus missing one of the greatest communication tools at our disposal.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are 3 ways on how to use nonverbal communication to your advantage.

  1. Be in the moment.

Credit:     hitthefloor.vh1.com   

Credit:  hitthefloor.vh1.com 

This helps you catch the nonverbal cues and helps you respond in an honest, authentic manner. Which is awfully refreshing in a day and age of “waiting for my turn to speak next” conversations.

2. Slow down.

Unlike current social belief tells you, pauses or silence between two people or a group is ok. No one will die. You will all live and most likely have a way more glorious connection than if lots of “talkie, talkie” was going on all around.

3. Go with the gut

An idea touted all over Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest- the idea of actually “going with your gut” most people never do because it is raw, in the moment, unorchestrated, unstrategized, unplanned, and potentially high blow back because it is not PC.

Now I am the first person who loves a good strategy.

But trusting your gut is a strategy.

Your gut is so much smarter than you know. It connects with your brain and heart that most people don’t realize. And your “gut instinct” isn’t just meant to protect you in the moment. If you know what you want, it can help you get it.


When you wake up to the realization and power of nonverbal communication, and understand the science and usefulness of such a communication method, you will begin to rely on it more than the words of the people around you. You will also begin to do everything in your power, to make sure nonverbal communication is always on point.




Your “gut instinct” isn’t just meant to protect you in the moment. If you know what you want, it can help you get it. @thealicraig