Society has shifted.

We are no longer a society of “one thing wonders.” We aren't just moms or teachers or doctors or lawyers.

We are everything.

Credit:     dribbble.com   

Credit:  dribbble.com 

We are lawyers who also sing. We are authors who also consult. We are moms who have a sideline hustle as fashion designers.

Many times this “everything” roots from one core- our passion. And as we are on our quest to fully discover this passion, we use multiple ways (or platforms) to do so.

This is multiplatform branding.

Multiplatform branding takes one core idea or message and shares it through multiple platforms to best meet their audience in a moment.

For example an author who also speaks, coaches, has a line of tangible products as well as eproducts. All the same message, delivered through different methods. That's multiplatform branding.

This approach doesn't just laser target your audience, it also keeps the visuals of the brand interesting. From social media to real world opportunities, diversity is afoot. Diversity that keeps your audience curious and engaged.

Credit:     www.mommyish.com   

Credit:  www.mommyish.com