Creating a memorable brand, beloved by all and envied by industry is what most small and large companies want. We all want our brand to be the “It” brand.

And though the want is real, the how is an enigma that few discover.

We all know the Apple / Microsoft comparison when it comes to brand domination.

So what makes Apple beloved and envied in ways that Microsoft can only dream of?

Credit:     www.reddit.com   

Credit:  www.reddit.com 

The Experience.

Experience based branding uses moments, memories, and our innate human mind to transform a product or service to something more than just the product or service.

Experience based branding recognizes that brand selection is less about the logistics and more about a desired human connection.

 Credit:   totalfilm.tumblr.com   


Experience based branding offers its audience a friendship, connection, and sensory rich experiences that tap our human heart in ways many of us don’t consciously realize.

Using science and psychology skillfully, experience based branding takes a neuro-rich approach making its customers loyal, in love, and legitimately happy to pay any price asked.

That is the power of an experience based brand.