While personal brands have become the way we interact with each other, many people are confused on exactly what a personal brand is.


A personal brand is not  strictly your personality.


A personal brand is a somewhat organic, somewhat strategic expression of all the best  aspects of you.


The purpose of a personal brand is to create deep relationships that aren't just connections for today, but are contacts to propel you into your future.


Think of your personal brand as You2- the best, most ideal version of you.

All personal brands have five key areas: mindset, mission, meetups, mile markers, and marketing.

1. Mindset.

Credit:     thedezz.tumblr.com

The first and the most important. Your mindset will make the remaining four areas amazing or destroy them instantly.


Mindset is about being more than just “positive”. When it comes to your personal brand and mindset your internal understanding of who you are and what you are about is critical.

2. Mission.

Credit:  pandawhale.com   

Credit: pandawhale.com 

Your mission has everything to do with your SoulFire(™). Your SoulFire(™) is that deep passion, drive, and motivation that has always excited you. Many times as a kid you found this topic fascinating. Today the passion still burns bright.


Together step 1 and 2 shows you the “whats” and “whys” that are ruling your life.

3. Meetups.

Credit:     www.meetup.com

Credit:  www.meetup.com

Meetups are always step 3 because there is nothing to meet about unless you know you, you know what you want, and you know why you want it.

Make time to really meet and connect with people. These conversations don’t have to lead anywhere other than connection.

4. Mile Markers

Credit:     comedycentral.com   

Credit:  comedycentral.com 

A personal brand is an evolutionary journey. Sometimes we know where we want the road to take us other times we are along for the journey. By knowing the mile markers that matter to you- be them accomplishments, outward accolades, or inner ward shifts - you are able to take a strategic inventory if “all of this” is getting you what you want.



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