Before I go any further, this is not a commentary on the liberal mindset or agenda. And yes I know there are liberals, just like there are conservatives, who are not like how the media portrays them.

No matter what your political belief is (and no I don’t want to hear it) we have all been shown one thing from the last election cycle : “liberals be crazy” or at least that is what the media shows.

Yes, the media can and does skew reality to create a great story, but clearly people are acting this way for whatever reason.

So what does politics have to do with brands?

All of these people have a personal brand. They work for a company, themselves, with the rest of us the public. And that got me thinking, what does such actions do to your personal brand?

Here are 3 things that media loves, but your client hates when it comes to acting like a “liberal” brand.



The crying, hysterical, vulgar, attacks on others are ridiculous. And most importantly, they are killing your brand.

Loss is understood for a season, but hysterical lashing out or grief shows mental instability. And I don't need to tell you how people don't like instability.


No matter what you do, no one wants to see, feel, or be part of such rage, anger, and sadness.

Those emotions may feel uniting in the moment, but they are a cancer because no one can sustain them for a long period of time.

The ones that do become people few want to be around. And the ones that let it go, can't move on and still be with your brand. So they move on without you.


The term and idea of  “safe spaces” needs to be retired. The idea that a full grown adult, can't handle reality begs the question “what else can't this person handle?” “What else will they run away from mid project without a moment's notice?”


Though brands come in all shapes, sizes, and catering to every need possible- stability, commitment, and consistent emotional temperament is a must for any brand.

By showing a lack of follow through, extreme rage, and hysterical outbursts- you don't just lose your current clients, you lose potential future ones as well.

You see, the negative actions we have been talking about tend to be well documented and spread like Wildflower. It is hard to live such outbursts down.

So before you act, before you cry, before you scream, before you run away- make sure that you are willing to live with the consequences of your actions.