Our minds control a lot of things, but does it control our creativity?

Sure when we are stressed, tired, hungry, or hangry creativity doesn't seem to strike with ease. And depending upon how our subconscious stories are written, we may not view ourselves as worthy of creativity.

But I think we have creativity all wrong.

In her book “Big Magic,” Elizabeth Gilbert makes the argument that in ancient Roman and Greek times, creativity was viewed as a spirit that visited people looking for one human who it could use as a tool to manifest its idea.

Creation occurred together: you and it.

It wasn't till later on in our history that creativity was titled to people. You are a creator.

And with this titling came breakdowns and botts or madness with these so called creative geniuses.

Credit: Geo Law (via

Credit: Geo Law (via

So what if creativity was a mindset that we had to create the proper environment for it to thrive in our lives?

What if creativity was like positivity? Where to keep a positive outlook on life, you had to choose to find the positive side in every situation, be willing to turn off the negativity around you, and be willing to be used to create more positivity in the world.

You see, being naturally creative myself, I understand that sometimes you just don't feel the creative vibes. And for most of us that is what we are taught. If you are cursed with a creative stent then you will have a life of drama, turbulence, and never fully realized success.



What if that is all a story.

What if our new story is that we see the moments of creative genius all throughout our days, that we guard our hearts, minds, and spirits from negativity and comparison, and that we make sure to bring creativity into everything that we do from doodling next to our notes to wrapping a present in the most beautiful way possible.

We live in an era that still views logic over creativity, yet it lists for the life and love creativity brings into this world.

Are you brave enough to rewrite your story around creativity?

Are you willing to change your mind on how a creator should be?

Are you willing to co- create: you and God?

Are you ready to step into the relationship of creation?



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