Money is a funny thing.

It creates dramatic emotions for good and for bad just at the thought of it.

The truth is Kate Northup has it right in her book, “Money: A Love Story.” Money is just a man made thing. We humans made it as a tool, a way, of getting things done.

Money is no divine gift. It is a human creation.

It is like giving a plastic Troll doll total control over your life.

Our thoughts have given way too much power to a human made tool. We have wrapped all the things human innately, and rightfully, desire out of life such as love, growth, contribution, certainty, variety, significance (aka the 6 human needs) into this one tool!!!


  1. Learned. Partially it is learned behavior. From our family, friends, society, and TV we watch, lots of our feelings about money begin there.

  2. Because we need it. Though money is a tool, we all need to know how to master working this one, but few know how because (back to point number one) no one talks about it

  3. Our thoughts influence it. Kind of like creativity, money is influenced by our outlook. If we feel we suck at it we will. If everyone thinks we never have it and we desire those relationships enough, our mind will make sure that we never have enough. Not because our mind wants to, but because we desire the relationship over the money.

And that is what is so concerning, if our head is not glued on straight our money, creatively, work, relationships, brands, and everything else will be out of whack- which will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

How can you change your mindset around money?

Here are 7 ways:

  1. Journal. Do one sentence journaling every day around how you are fulfilling or receiving each of the fundamental human needs (certainty, variety, love, growth, contribution, and  significance). Try to list instances not involving money or at least in which money wasn't the focus, just merely a tool. 

2. Talk. Talk about how you feel about money with someone who will listen- even if it is just your cat. You aren't looking for feedback here. You just need to hear yourself expressing yourself.



3. Rewrite. Rewrite your story where necessary. This will be an ongoing process and you discover new hang ups. (Yea!)

Credit: Gilmore Girls (via

Credit: Gilmore Girls (via

4. Take care of your tool. Money is a tool. All good craftspeople take care of their tools. Now this doesn't mean you have to hoard everything you have. But use it with respect and as much wisdom as you have in the moment.

5. Do your best. I don't know about you, but I can be amazing at beating myself up if I let myself. Recognize that you are always doing your best even if in retrospect you made a not wise move. Learn your lesson and move on.


6. Appreciate.  Stop and appreciate what the tool money, combined with your hard work, and blessings from God has provided for you. From your AC to the car you drive to your tasty dinner in front of you to the hot water in your shower- appreciate that it was your hard work, your reward, and your wise use of the tool of money who made your life lovely. You did this.

7. Stop being scared. Sometimes personal revolution doesn't happen till you have already “burnt the bridge down.” Before life gets to such extremes, stop and recognize the fear you have. Logical or not, fully own up to the fear inside of you. Write it out. Then with logic and through rewriting your story, turn that fear into action and the self sabotage into personal success.


You mind controls so much more than you think. When you stop acting as if you are helpless and realize that you are fully in control. Your life and the money will all go in the right direction.



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When you stop acting as if you are helpless and realize that you are fully in control, your life and the money will all go in the right direction. @thealicraig  #youareincontrol #ownyourpower