How to write a personal brand statement is actually quite simple. A personal brand statement is a statement about what you are about.

It is not a statement about who you are, aka a mom, dad, brother, consultant, etc. it is statement about what you are, what drives you, excites you, sets you on fire.

If the thought of writing your official  “personal brand statement” sounds too clinical, collegiate, or stick up your bum boring- ask yourself, “What is my SoulFire™?”

Your SoulFire™ is what lights you on fire. You have had it since you were a kid- what makes you ridiculously happy.

Discovering your SoulFire™ is easy as long as you are honest with yourself.

1. Write out everything you absolutely loved doing as a kid, teenager, young adult, and now



2. With each action of pure enjoyment and love, ask yourself “why?”


3. On a clean sheet of paper, tally up your “whys” (Trust me you will see a repetitive theme.)



4. Write your personal brand statement

For me personally, by the time I got to number 3 everything pointed to me either creating beauty, sharing beauty, or protecting beauty.

Now my methods of “beauty” are different: personal style, interior design, brands- but they were all based on creating something beautiful.

And presto, there is my personal brand statement of:

“My soul’s fire is to create, share, and protect beauty in this world.”

came to be, and hasn't shifted in 18 years.

So what’s your SoulFire™ statement...hhhh… I mean what is your personal brand statement?



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My soul’s fire is to create, share, and protect beauty in this world. @thealicraig #knowyourwhy #youbeyou