1. Creating a lifestyle brand is one of the easiest brands to build now of days. With every form of connection possible via social media, you are able to easily show the world what your lifestyle is all about.

But can you say it?

A lifestyle brand statement is simply a statement that summarizes what your philosophy is about. Simple in idea, it can be challenging to verbalize in one to two, cute, compact, easily digestible sentences.

Here is the process I use when crafting my client’s lifestyle brand statements.

1. Know your SoulFire™

giphy (8).gif

 If you are the founder of this lifestyle or just a follower branching out on your own. There is a reason why this methodology speaks so clearly to you. Define what that is for you. 

2. What is the Fire.

Once you know you SoulFire™, aka your deep “Why” you need to understand what you are building, for whom, and why. This is your FireBrand™.

    Because lifestyle brands are about an idea spread across all aspects of life, your FireBrand™ will center on an ideology. Similar to Multiplatform branding, you want to summarize the message and focus less on the methods of delivery.

Let’s mock a statement up for our fictitious client, Water Matters.Org.

Once you have listed out what you are building ( maybe a global empire forever changing the way all humans look at water, by chance), who you are helping (three main areas of people: influencers such as politicians, the masses aka the everyday people, and the people who do not have clean water) and the why (because water is the foundation and need for all of life on this planet- human and otherwise).

3. Marry the two. 

TweeYes, step two alone gives you a pretty awesome statement, but it doesn’t give you the heart. Your SoulFire™ is what lights your brand on fire.

Take your work from step 1 and your work from step 2 and combine.

For example, if I would use my personal work from it would be:

“My soul’s fire is to create, share, and protect beauty in this world.”

Combine that with the work from Step 2, and this company’s lifestyle brand could be.

Water Matters is transforming how everyone from world leaders, the everyday “Joe”, and the people without clean water access  see and use this vital and limited resource because we understand that water is the foundation of all the beauty, wonder, and  life on this planet- human and otherwise.

Use the comment section below to share the beginnings of your own lifestyle brand statement. I would love to hear what you create.



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