How To Write A Brand Statement for a Multiplatform Brand.png

Many industry thought leaders are transitioning their once single disciplinary brands into multiplatform brands. Sharing their methodology across multiple platforms to best meet their audience wherever they may be.

Though this approach is savvy as all can be for the growth and life of the message, it can be a challenge when crafting that perfect brand statement.

I like to think of a brand statement as your Firestory™. A FireStory™ is the story you tell yourself (and others) that no matter how crappy of a day you are having (read as every single country music song comes true all at once) this story makes you want to get up and set the world on fire.

When writing your FireStory™ you aren’t interested in the logistics of how you do what you do. You are focused on the “why” and the “because.”

Step 1: Know You. You must know your SoulFire™ story first. (Click here to learn more)

Step 2: Who? Why? Why?  Who are you helping? Why does it matter? Why you and now?



Step 3: Compare and Create. Combine your answers from step 1 and 2.

Here is how this looks in real life.

A startup tech company came to me wanting help making the business side of being an entrepreneur easy. The founders had worked with entrepreneurs for years and saw that there was no perfect online business management that worked for the average person. Though they are currently focusing on their software product, they plan on bringing business coaching, consulting, and other one on one services into the mix.

Step 1: Their combined SoulFire™ is “Our souls’ fires are to build the tools to support others on their lives missions.”

Step 2: Who: fellow entrepreneurs: solo, mom and pop, and online marketers

Why: We are the growing face of business and the world economy- if we are all going to succeed, we need the right tools to succeed.

Why: We intimately understand the struggle of modern entrepreneurship for our own walk as well as the countless number of entrepreneurs we have worked with over the years. Our numbers are growing and the struggles of not having the right support is crushing business before their true value is even felt.

Step 3: We understand that entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of a successful world future. Because of this we are dedicated to building online and offline tools that help these businesses at every stage from budding idea to modern mogul grow and succeed in the modern marketplace.

Remember, we are focusing on the overall idea or method here. Logistics can change. Methods don’t.