Lying, an act we are actually not born with knowing how to do, but one we learn how to do very quickly.

Sometimes we lie to get our way. Sometimes our lives turn into lies.

Why and how we lie can vary, but in the end the objective is the same- deception.

Here are a few truths about lying:

  1. We all do it. We all know lying happens and for better or worse we all do it. And though we all lie, we also don't ever want it done to us.



2. We all kind of suck at it. Yep, no matter how great of a liar we think we are. We have flaws from our brains to our bodies, the subconscious will make the truth come out.


3. We all have a tell. We all do have biological tells (more on that in point 4) but we also have verbal tells. When we lie, we tend to use more details in describing an event, yet know little logistical details outside of the lie. For example you know funny stories that happened at the baseball game you said you attended, but didn't. Yet you don't know how you got to the game. Your brain had the lie down, but nothing else.

4. Our bodies always give us away. Yes, they do! From raising the pitches of our voices one to two octaves higher to subconsciously putting barriers between you and the person you are lying to to covering or hiding your mouth, eyes, or face.


5. Our bodies hate when we do it. Besides literally putting roadblocks between you and the other person, our bodies have a negative reaction to when we lie. On the short term, we can get sick to our stomachs, lose our voice, not sleep well, and catch a cold. Long term wise we predispose ourselves to a weakened immune system, autoimmune disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and cancer.

Credit: Family Guy (via

Credit: Family Guy (via

So the next time you find yourself lying to someone, remember, you aren't as slick as you think you are. And to take lying on as a lifestyle (no matter how noble the cause may be) it will catch up to you. It will hurt you.

On the flip side, be on the lookout for some of the tell tale signs next time you think someone is lying to you.