Schedule insanity can over take anyone. Demands always seem to out way the time we have. 5 tips to get your schedule back on track and  make you more productive.

1. Work on your time schedule.

Track what hours you feel most alert, creative, or sleepy. Do whatever you have to take back and maximize your naturally most productive times.

2.Know your Firestory™.

When you know what you are building, understanding how to best organize all the demands gets much easier.

3. Write it all out.

Write down every project and then bullet every task for that project. Having it out of your brain and onto paper makes everything seem clearer.

4.Chunk your time and projects.

Every task gets no more than one hour a day on the schedule. You spend 45 minutes on the task and 15 minutes to wrap up, clean up, or take a break before the next project.

5. Wear all the hats.

We all have multiple titles or hats that we wear. Write them all out and make sure that within your day, week, or month you spend time wearing each of them. This creates balance and minimizes burn out.


Remember YOU control your schedule!


Write it out and work it out.

It is the only way to stop the overwhelm