Most parents and definitely most teens don’t realize that building a strong personal brand starts now.

No matter if your teen is just trying to finish school, wants to make it onto a national sports team, or just head off to college, the decision makers who will drastically alter the course of your kids life need to understand the depth of who your teen really is.

More than social media posts and applications, your teen has goals, dreams, and a viewpoint.

Now all they need is help with a strategy to get that heard.

How can you help your teen build their personal brands:

  1. Get them talking about their dreams. 



When you get them talking about their dreams from the seemingly silly to the serious ones, you get your teen thinking future focused.

2. Show them what a personal brand does for them. 

This is for once where your teens love affair with some celebrity comes in handy. Take their favorite celebrity and do a little research. Create an evolutionary timeline of who the celebrity was to where they are now. That evolution wasn’t by luck. It was all because of a personal brand strategy.

3. Create a strategy that works. 



Begin to build together. Create a board of directors for your teen. You, them, and the cavalry of support and experts needed to turn visions into real world victories.

4. Begin to build. 

A strategy without action gives you nothing. Build what needs to be built. If that is logistics like websites and blogs or if that is doing the internal mindset for your teen to really make it.

5. Tweak as life changes. 



As you well know, your teen will not be the same person in a few months. Check  in and tweak your kid’s personal brand as needed.

Creating a personal brand for your teen will help them stand out from the crowd, show them how much you are there for them, reflect that life can be serious work and serious fun, and set them up to hit their dreams out of the park.


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