Many brands are scared to support the personal brands of employees.

This out of date mentality of some how keeping brand purity is wrong.

Yes, the company needs to maintain its brand personality, but your employees naturally bring their personalities to the table. By helping them to strategically build their own personal brands you show that you care about your staff in a bigger way and can help direct the conversation with how they can best represent your business.

No matter how strategic your organization is on brand compliance, Here are  simple ways to help your staff strategically create a personal brand that serves you and them.

1. Goals. What is your brand looking to create and what does your staff do. Speak to the similarities as often as possible.


2. Style. Yes a corporate dress code still exists (and for good reason) but show them that life can exist beyond the norm. Let them be creative with the colors they wear and the accessories they choose. Worse comes to worse hire a personal stylist to come in and consult with your staff on ways they can feel more powerful and confident by tweaking what they wear (within your guidelines).

3. Support the extras. Besides praising people that stay late and come in early. Support the dreams and hobbies of your staff. If that is being flexible with their days off or donating to a charity 5k. Show them that you are behind them.



Now smaller organizations can even take supporting their staff’s personal brands even more, by sharing blog posts about their personal accomplishments, linking to their hobby business in their company bio, and letting them use their minds and be them.

Creating personal brands inside your organization can be scary.

If you set clear standards, most staffers will happily oblige. Work productivity and morale will be up. Your brand and bottom line will be up too.