Brands and business are one in the same. You need to see growth and evolution to know that they are alive and doing well.

Many people are confused concerning how to proactively grow their personal brands.

As with business, your brands are a strategy. Now part of that strategy is an organic, evolution. The rest is planning to maximize your daily, weekly, and monthly efforts into a positively evolving brand.

Here are my BIG 10 ways to grow your personal brand.

  1. Review your strategy and goals daily. By reviewing your strategy and goals at least once a day you remind yourself exactly what you are working towards and going after.

2. Keep your head in the game. If that is creating daily affirmations that speak to you, journaling, or reading an inspirational book- you must keep your mind positive. Setbacks will come. You need a system that is always reminding you that setbacks are just the stepping stones of success.


3. Say “yes” more than “no.” Say “yes” at least once to new opportunities, events, or people who seem to be in alignment with what you are all about.

4. Do 1 thing that scares you. Once a week do something that scares you. It could be little or big. But just do it. Don’t dread about it. Just do it.



5. Be real at least once a week. Most of us edit, quaff, and refine the life out of what we really want to say on social media. At least once a week, post what you really want to say, how you really want to say it.



6. Ask. The hardest step for most people to take, Ask. We live in a day and age where being a solo superhero is praised, that to ask for something we need feels, well, awfully needy. We all have needs, wants, and desires. So ask and see what you receive.


7. Schedule. There is difference between a calendar, a “to do” list, and a schedule. A calendar tells you of upcoming appointments and what not. A “to do” list tells you what you need to accomplish. The schedule makes it all happen. Far too many of us have calendars and “to do” lists, but no schedules allowing our brains to know exactly when the to do is getting done.

8. Weekly adventures. And speaking of schedules, schedule times for weekly adventures. Get out of your daily routine and go someplace new, explore a museum, a small town, take a road trip, take a big trip, whatever you do go have fun! Fun helps you see life, work, and your problems in a new light. Plus your weekly adventures are great ways to have online followers engage with you on a deeper, real world level.

9. Paid play. Stop viewing work as work. One of the most common questions to get asked is, “What are you doing today?” I always say “work.” And the response for the most part is “I’m sorry.” Why be? Work is paid play. It isn’t drudgery, difficult, or depressing. Yes, work can be challenging, have its stressful moments, and sometimes can feel like it is “life or death.” But the truth is we all want our work to be paid play. Start thinking about it that way first and then it will be that way.



10. Giveback. However you giveback do it. Do it anonymously without any “look at me” posts. Giving back should come from the heart and be about a service. Promoting how amazing you are is a media op. And though a “media op” may seem like the most logical way to build your personal brand, in today’s age it isn’t. Serve who you love, how you love and trust me the right people will always take notice. Let the promotion come to you,


Growing your personal brand will start as a strategy. Soon enough it will be your natural way of life.



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Brands and business are one in the same. You need to see growth and evolution to know that they are alive and doing well. @thealicraig #growstrong