How to Fake Nonverbal.png

Wouldn’t it be great if you were the ultimate liar? Where your actions, tone of voice, gestures, motions, and movements all supported the lies your mouth was telling?

If you could do this, you would be a sociopath.

Humans aren’t meant to be the perfect little liars.

We are meant for true, real, relationships. That requires, this scary thing called “vulnerability.”

But because most of us would rather follow the philosophy of “fake it till we make it” here are a few ways to “fake” your nonverbal communication.

  1. Play it cool. The giveaway on most negative nonverbal communication is extremes. Loud tones, fast movements, “knee jerk” reactions, acting like the hunchback of Notre Dame, and overly aggressive motions like almost breaking someone's hand so that you can have a “firm handshake” are all signs that you are full of it. So play it cool, and play it slow.


2. Get some work done.  Yep, call that plastic surgeon up, and get your face worked on. Botox to fillers to implants, o’ my! By altering your natural facial features, you alter your facial expressions and physiognomy (also known as the study of facial reading). Confusing your nonverbal message and in turn lying to your audience. (Insert your best evil laugh here).

3. Drug it up. When all else fails, drug yourself up. By being on drugs you will naturally alter your nonverbal communication. Thus creating great confusion and potentially mass hysteria. And we all know what happens when people are that confused, no one makes a good decision. Which is perfect for when you plan on lying to someone (key that slick used car salesmen guy, Vito)

Orrrrrrrrrr …….

You can do this super crazy, totally out there thing, and  just be real. (lightbulb moment)

Get to know who you really are and what you really want and be you. Being you isn’t a scary thing. It is what you were designed for. So instead of focusing on faking your way through life, focus on living YOUR life. And that begins by being you.

And when you start to truly be you, your nonverbal communication will shine beautifully through.