We live in an age where ideas are money. We pay coaches, gurus, authors, and speakers billions to share their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs with us.

How do you take your nugget of wisdom and create a brand around this gold?

  1. Are you sharing the idea or do you want others to spread this brilliance?

Stop and do not overlook this step. Are you the one standing from the rooftops sharing this break through? If you answered “yes” skip to step 2.

Or do you want to train others to go out and spread the message? If you answers yes to this question, you are not branding an idea you are creating methodology.

Make sure that your method has clear defined steps, easily replicable process, and offers a clear result.

Other than keeping that in mind, all the branding steps are the same.


2. Spokesperson or Spokespeople. If you are the one spreading the message then you are the spokesperson.

If you are creating a methodology, you will use the clear results you give to your audience as the brand’s spokespeople.

3. One horse or a herd?

Many idea based brands take a multiplatform approach, aka a herd. This means that they share their one message across various platforms such as speaking, writing, coaching, consulting, etc.

This multiplatform approach maximizes your reach and your branding efforts.

No matter if you take the multiplatform approach or using one single method to deliver your message

4. Who needs and is open to your message the most?

Now that you have some of the brand logistics down, it is time to look at who you are talking to.

With an idea based brand, focus less on the demographics and more on the psychographics, aka what makes your people tick?

Dig deep on what are the true human needs of the audience that will be the most open to hearing and putting into action your idea.

Write, speak, and design to them and then broaden your scope as your idea becomes more well known and mainstream.

5. Evolve.

Be willing for your brand and idea to grow. Don't set up this current incarnation of the idea as the one and only never to be changed.

Leave yourself room to evolve and grow.

If you keep your answers to these questions in mind as you build your brand, you have a strong foundation to go off of.

Build your brand message and work out from there.

I would love to see what you create. Share with us in the comment section below.