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I have seen it before, you build a killer personal brand, and then one day you step back and say, “I don’t know if I can be this much of a badass every day?!?”


Your personal brand should be a better version of who you are now. It shouldn’t be you to a "T".


Your personal brand is all of your dreams,  deeply desired successes, relationships that you long for, realizations always hoped for taken as current reality.

Yes, to fully be that person you have to be stronger, smarter, grounded, and focused. And that’s ok!



Your personal brand is what you are striving for. It is your life with Spanx on. And if you have ever worn spanx, you know some days it easier to put on than others.

When you have those moments, and trust me we all do, in which you think “I am not as good, successful, loving, kind, smart..(insert the emotion here) as this brand says I should be.” Remember this:


Your personal brand is you. This is all you.

Stop and recognize the fact that in this exact moment you are tired, hangry, in pain, not feeling appreciated, overwhelmed- whatever feeling  it may be. Name it. Own it. And recognize that it is just a feeling. Feel it and let it go.

You are your personal brand. You got this. You are this and so much more.



“You are more admired than you know, more special than you can imagine, more influential than you can ever desire, and marked for greatness the world has not yet known. You are YOU!” Ali Craig



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Your personal brand is what you are striving for. It is your life with Spanx on. @thealicraig #personalbrand #perfection #standout