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Ask somebody to name a brand and most people well tell you Apple, Microsoft, Macy’s, or Best Buy. They give you the name of a brand that has become an icon in their industry.

Many people think that large equal brand icon status. Nope. They would be wrong.

To reach and stay known to the mass consumers, you have to be more than just the industry leader in size.



You have to offer your audience so much more. You have to offer them a lifestyle.

The reason why Apple is such an iconic brand and will always be cited in every marketing and branding presentation for the rest of the century if not for eternity is because it completely changed how people viewed tech.

Technology and personal computers were sold to the nerd. The lifestyle they created was smart, highly achieved, yet personally, a lonely person.

Apple came in and rewrote the tech story. Apple said that their audience’s lifestyle is cool, creative, fun, spent socializing with their friends, successful, and going somewhere in this world. Apple sold us the cool kid who was beloved by the jocks and the nerds, the theater nerds and band geeks.

When a brand goes beyond just selling a product and truly claims the “who” they are going after, beautiful things occur: markets open, tides change, and icons are made.

But to get to this “heavens opening” stage, lots of risk and commitment occur.

For such success to happen, the dedication to the goals and strategy of the brand must stay the course no matter the numbers or potentially tempting offers.

On a smaller scale (because all work is small in comparison to the almighty Apple) I have worked with many a client who's goal was to be their industry leader.

Besides having a great strategy, look, and story- the brands that become their industry icons are the ones who steady the course no matter what.

Doing the work in the beginning is easy.

It is following the strategy a year, two years down the road that can be difficult.

To be an icon, takes time and commitment to walking the walk the brand strategy sets in place.



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To be an icon, takes time and commitment to walking the walk the brand strategy sets in place. @thealicraig #romewasntbuiltinaday