Who doesn't love a good strategy? We all do.

Strategies in business, brand, and marketing are all the buzz, but the truth is that strategies only go so far.

Just like with your budget, your strategy is a very educated guess. When the rubber meets the road though, a little art needs to come into play. And it is in this artistic playground where entrepreneurs shine.

Large corporations must stick to their strategy no matter what. They have little oversight if the idea, aka the strategy, even makes sense in the real world. But entrepreneurs can balance both: logic and life.

When do you know if your strategy needs a little artistic flair added to it?

Here are 3 warning signs:

  1. No one is listening.

If you have no one engaged in your strategy, then you are going nowhere fast. Review your strategy and get down to some good ol’ fashion market research. Talk with people and hear what they are really saying. Leave your preconceptions at the door because clearly those preconceptions are off.

2. Frustrated, overwhelmed, sighs of angst.

If you are getting such feedback then you know your strategy isn't street smarts. People want to have a fun, empowering, freeing experience with you and your brand. When there are too many steps, gatekeepers, and hoops to jump through many people will just walk away (and spread the word that you suck) vs work it out with you.

3. No joy.

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When you, your team, and or your audience has no joy about what is going on, it is time to take a real hard look at if this strategy is working. Sometimes there are just tough times where a lot of deadlines are at hand and the joy of the team may waive, but if this lasts for more than a moment then you have trouble afoot. Get creative and think outside the box on how the goals can be met and the joy returns.


Though many people would love to say that branding is a strict science, they fail to realize that nothing in life is truly “textbook” (not even science).

Create a strategy and make sure you have creatives on your team who can help you add some artistic flair to help maximize your strategic goals in the end.