Relationships are like plants.


There are times when the power and usefulness of the relationship is not seen, moments of pure bliss as they fulfill all of our needs, and times when they must evolve or exit from our lives. (And yes, if you are hearing the song “Sounds of Silence” playing in the background of your mind too, then good job.)

There is no relationship that is stationary and healthy.

These are organic beasts all their own.

And no matter if you are talking about a personal relationship, professional one on one relationship, or the relationship you have through your brand - there always comes that time where the relationship must evolve or you must exit.

Though radical change happens with the first two parts of a relationship: power unseen (seed stage) and need fulfilling stage (produce stage) these are the baby stages to a relationship. Either a relationship doesn't really exist (seed) or we are both ridiculously pleased because our needs are (or will soon be) being met (produce).

It is the Evolve or Exit phase that most people and brands struggle with greatly.

This is the time where people “ghost,” your bestie becomes a beast and drops you like you have the plague, or you decide that the “honorable” thing to do is commit yourself “till death do us part.”

Most people don’t know how to navigate these waters in a sane manner. Most get the whiff of potential death in the air and go primal stupid.

Now if you know your “whats” and “whys” going into the relationship, this weird awkward moment, doesn’t happen. Because you already know what you want, why you want it, and what you are willing to do to get it. Therefore, the decision of “should I stay or should I go” becomes logistically clear.

But for all the people (and brands) who have entered into relationships with no conscious idea of what they are doing, here are a few guidelines on if you should stay or go.

Most relationships are for seasons, not lifetimes. Far too often we stay because we think it is socially correct, easier, or “the right thing to do.”

We walk around in our lives and businesses with way too many dead bodies hanging off our shoulders (insert your favorite “Weekend At Bernie’s” scene here).

Don’t be scared to exit a relationship.

Evolving relationships take a lot of energy and selflessness on your part (also known as unconditional love) which is something most people don’t have enough of and don’t know how to give.