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Many soul seeking entrepreneurs are givers. We love to serve others.


Yes, giving is our drug.


And for this addictive reason, we will always give. We will always find a way to get our fix. And for the most part all of our needs will be met.


Yet as with many drugs, giving can have personally damaging side effects that we can see for years down the road. We sometimes sacrifice ourselves far too often and fatally.


Here are 3 ways we can give just a bit too much.

1. We help others and never ourselves.

Credit: slanted.studio

Credit: slanted.studio

I understand the rabbit hole this thought process can be.

We all know the "do unto others as we want done unto you" phrase. The one thing I have learned though is that it doesn't talk about not doing for yourself.

Yes, treat others and yourself as you want to be treated. Do for others and do for you.

2.  Happier to serve than to lead.

credit: imgur.com

credit: imgur.com

Let's be real, I love working one on one with clients and investing in their businesses because I love serving them. I love seeing them succeed. The problem is that when we fully 150 million percent invest in others, there is nothing left for us.

And for the most part, we don't have a team of people investing into us and our businesses as we do to others.

3. We are scared (or don't want to) do solo.

Credit: www.fanpop.com

Credit: www.fanpop.com

When we serve others, we have created an instant team. There is connection, depth, and a relationship: three things we all are looking for.

Sometimes our over investing is really just our way of not walking our own road solo.

Serving others and being in relationships are what we are created to do. Not everyone has gotten the memo, though.

So until everyone in your circle receives, understands, and implements said memo, keep this in mind. Serve others and serve yourself. By serving yourself, you are created the opportunity to serve 10 fold more.


Take action:
I know the idea of serving others and serving yourself sounds great. So do it.

Look at your schedule, for everyone task that you are doing for others, make sure that it is balanced by one task that you are doing to better yourself.