Your personal brand goes beyond your personality or professional skill set. Your personal brand goes to the heart of who you are and what you are all about.

I always tell my clients to think of the definition of personal brand as the outward reflection of all aspects of who you really are.


Yes, even those deep dark secrets count here.

When building your personal brand here are 13 areas that influence big. Make sure these areas are on point and you will have deeper connections and instant loyalty with everyone you meet.

1. Your Mindset. For better or worse, what you think and feel about yourself will be your destiny. Make sure your Genesis story matches your dreams.

2. Your Style. YES, we do judge others first on what we see. And sometimes all we get is a first impression. Wear what you love and express who you are.

3. Your Tone. Your tone of voice and speed in which you speak, says a lot about who you are. We have all experienced someone saying nice words, but know by their tone that they don't believe what they are saying.

Same holds true with your speech pattern speed. Don't say you are super excited and talk slower than molasses being poured on a cold winter day.

4. Your Vibe. Your vibe, your energy, your aura- whatever you want to call it. It matters. Just like with your mindset, the type of energy you put out into the world is what you are going to get back.

5. Your (and their) Senses. The more senses you can engage when you meet someone the more memorable you will be. Wear your favorite perfume, necklace, or coat. Have business cards you love! Bring texture, color, smells and tastes into your life and the lives of the ones you meet.

6. Your Body Language. How you hold yourself, move, and interact with people all communicates what you are really about.  The funny thing is you can't fake your body language. You may be able to fool a few areas like a firm handshake means you are confident or lean in when talking with someone to show you are engaged. In the end though, the true you will always come out.

7. Your Empathy / Intuition. Truly caring about the people you meet is what matters. When you care beyond yourself or the sale, you become the person everyone wants to be around.

So listen with your heart more than your head.

8. Your Clarity. You must be clear on your “whats” and “whys.” What do you want out of every situation and why do you want it. (Schedule what and why blog)

9. Your Follow Through. Many people can make a good first impression, few follow through to make a second one. Be a person of your word and call when you say you are going to and do what you say you are going to do.

10. Your Consistency. People's outward personalities can bounce around more than an arcade pinball machine. Creating a brand that grows and evolves with you on the outside as you grow and evolve on the inside is a must (see evolving your personal brand blog)

11. Your Openness. Most of us would rather die than be open and dare I say “vulnerable” with people. Call it our instinct or our ego, being open isn’t fun. But it is what builds a great brand.


So few people are truly open that when you meet someone who is truly willing to be real, it is awfully refreshing.


12. Your Communication. Your verbal communication says a lot about you. Are you wordsy or get to the point? Over communicate or under? A before deadline communicator or do you go MIA?


Whatever your organic communication style is, love it, embrace it, and work it to your advantage.


13. Your Giving Nature. Though giving back and volunteerism is a huge idea in today’s culture, few people do it freely and without ulterior motive. Find the joy in giving to the people you love and mean something to you, even if they aren’t your target audience.