Knowing how people tick and how to shift the vibes of a moody crowd has always been an innate gift for Ali Craig.  From beauty of the right words to the power of nonverbal to crafting the perfect space or experience- relationships that create positive results for both embodies who Ali Craig is.

At the age of 18, Ali took these innate talents and began transforming the brand relationships for her clients and their clans, with countless clients ranging from Main Street Solo Entrepreneurs, C level Wall Street execs, nonprofits, product lines from clothing to jewelry to intellectual property, best selling authors, political consultants, and international speakers. Adding along the way such professional titles of strategic interventionist, neuro- emotional relationship consultant, experience based brander, user experience designer, and 3x best selling author to her resume.

No matter what size or field a client comes from- the story has always been the foundation. Because it is our stories that run us. It is our clients' stories that make them choose us. And the stories that we create and live for our lives that give us the soul filled success we desire.

Now, Ali Craig is taking her years of experience and helping the tidal wave of Soul Seeker Entrepreneurs who have great passion, but have weak stories that do not create the life, business, or impact their soul desires.